Which phone should i get? and why?

Question by Chris: Which phone should i get? and why?
Blackjack2 or The Palm Treo Pro

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Answer by KourtneyHonestly it depends on what carrier you’re already on, or which one has the better service in your area, how much you’re willing to spend, not only all at once but every month on a plan. As well as what you want to use it primarily for, here’s some quick info I pulled off the phone sites.

Palm Treo Pro – Runs new for around $ 150

Phone and Mobile Office
GPS and Wi-Fi
E-mail and Web
Music and Video
Palm Ease

Alltel –
Network: EvDO Rev A
Memory: 512MB (300MB user available)

Sprint -
Network: EvDO Rev A
Memory: 512MB (300MB user available)

Unlocked GSM device –
Memory: 256MB (100MB user available)


Blackjack 2 Runs new for around $ 100

Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 Standard – Calender, email, to-do list, etc.

Tri-band HSDPA/quad-band EDGE world phone.

Large 2.4″ 65K TFT display screen

Integrated GPS

Wireless E-mail Support

Microsoft Office MObile

2.0 Megapixal Camera and video Recorder

Stero Blutetooth

Embedded Mobile Instant Messenger

AT&T Video and AT&T Music

Video share calling

Embedded RSS Reader Client

QWERTY Keyboard

So the Blackjack 2 will run you a bit cheaper as far as the main payment, I didn’t check out monthly payments for you. Though the Blackjack 2 seems to be available only for AT&T, so if you don’t get great service through that provider in your area it wouldn’t be best to get it. The Palm has a wider variety, you can get it through either Sprint (Worst service out of the choices), or Alltel (Verizon now) which is arguably the best service area, though AT&T is nowhere near as bad as represented on the Verizon commercials.

Both seem to do well as far as e-mail goes, so really if that’s an important factor with you I don’t think it’ll make the decision any easier, though Palm is known for being good with e-mail.

Personally if I was down to choosing between providers Verizon and AT&T, I would be choosing between an iPhone or a Palm Pre, which comes out on Verizon soon. But that’s not only expensive every month, it’s expensive up front.

Here’s some coverage maps for you to check out. Really the decision is up to you, but hopefully my information can help make it a bit easier.

VERIZON: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v130/Fan_of_cruise/verizon.jpg
SPRINT: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v130/Fan_of_cruise/sprint.jpg
AT&T: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v130/Fan_of_cruise/ATT.jpg

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Ipod Touch .ipa Question/LogoMe/Jailbreak?

Question by Joseph B: Ipod Touch .ipa Question/LogoMe/Jailbreak?
Hey all,

I just jailbroke my ipod touch 2g using tytool: “http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHST8rGTW_4″ . I now have cydia and installer.
I had a few questions about the jailbreak. First off, as long as this jailbreak gave me cydia and installer,the future release of quickpwn for 2g wont be any different than this right? i don’t need to re-jailbreak? it is the same?

Also, tytool’s jailbreak gave me a custom boot logo that I dont like, however when I use logo-me, i click flash, and i get a progress bar in the middle of the logo-me screen that doesnt change. Does logo-me not work for the ipod touch 2g jailbreak 2.2.1?

Finally, I downloaded installous, and when I open it I get a page that says “appulous is down”. Because of this, I decided to manually add cracked apps. I downloaded miPatch from Cydia and then in order to find .ipa’s, i type in ‘app name.ipa” in google and download from rapidshare or other sites. I put these in itunes, and get the app on my ipod. Are these .ipa’s I download legit as long as I get the app on the ipod? Is there a better site to download from?


Best answer:
Answer by DeseaoNo cracked apps are legit, but installous has only been down for two days. They are usually very good getting problems fixed, so I would just wait a bit and see what happens. As far as Logome goes, I’m having the same problem on mine. Once you jailbreak, you won’t need to jailbreak again unless it’s to change firmware, or you go into DFU mode by accident. There are different ways to get there, but most jailbreaks lead to the same result. (iPhone users might have to use different jailbreak software to get their phone unlocked, but other than that, it’s a once a firmware thing.)

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Q&A: Whats the best straight talk Phone?

by Ninja M.
Question by Cami: Whats the best straight talk Phone?
Im thinking im going to get a straight talk Phone whenever im able to because it would be alot cheaper than what im paying now.. Im paying $ 107/month For My crappy samsung stratosphere. So whoever is on straight talk, whats the best Phone in your opinion? Thanks to anyone that replies. :)

Best answer:
Answer by emotionalzombie7997Go to the Straight Talk website and enter your zip code. This will show you what phones are available for you to purchase in your calling area. Then read some reviews and watch some youtube videos about each phone that you like.

Not all Straight Talk phones are available for all calling areas. That is why researching the phones on your own is the best option.

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Motorola Droid 3 or iPod Touch?

Question by : Motorola Droid 3 or iPod Touch?
I can spend up to $ 550. I have a LG GW525 now, but I’d like to replace it. I live in Argentina, so I might buy the cellphone unlocked and take it here. I like Android, and I like the fact that I can shoot 1080p videos, have a 4″ display, the dual core 1GHz processor, and that I can get it for price. I would buy an iPhone, but it’s too expensive.
About free apps, there is a way of getting free apps without jailbreaking with Android. You just download the .apk to the cellphone.
So, which one should I choose? The 3G Android Cellphone or the iPod Touch?

Best answer:
Answer by Fest Addaipod touch

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How do you buy cheap phones like in the Tri State Area ?!?

Question by Captain: How do you buy cheap phones like in the Tri State Area ?!?
I want to buy 2 Samsung Galaxy Notes and/or 2 iphones 4s 5th and a good NOkia touchscreen maybe if its under 250. I am having a hard time finding a good deal . I would like to buy them unlocked for under 300 . I would prefer new but a nice qualiity non screwed up one would be fine as long as its cheap . I have t-mobile . Also a cheap
If it comes with cases its fine .
I live in New York City btw .
If anyone has tips on how to get cheap phones fast on the internet please tell me .
THank YOU!!!

Best answer:
Answer by Edog556The apple store

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Q&A: I need help buying a phone?

by choreographics
Question by Saud Bukhari: I need help buying a phone?
so im looking for a tmobile unlocked phone. I would like i if it’s a smartphone. the most i will spend is about 120 bucks. Im not looking for an amazing smartphone like a galaxy or iphone i just want one for my price range. I want it to get the job done i want the camera to be atleast decent. By the way i am looking to order it on Amazon as a new phone. I want to use FB on it and instagram as well. I want the internet to go pretty fast and just work properly. Please just tell me some phones that fit my qualifications and it is very much appreciated. Thanks a lot!!!

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Answer by Just a SlowpokeYou’re going to have to pay more to get a phone like the one you want.

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Q&A: i want to buy a new mobile phone with 230 us dollars please help me and tell me the best mobile phones?

by WindKoh
Question by Maged: i want to buy a new mobile phone with 230 us dollars please help me and tell me the best mobile phones?
i want to buy a new mobile phone with 230 us dollars please help me and tell me the best mobile phones with this prices (aren’t laggy phones) plz help me

Best answer:
Answer by cgramer2Are you looking to buy your new phone along with a new two-year contract with your carrier? If so, you can get pretty much any phone, other than the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (which is $ 249 from Verizon, for example) or the HTC One Max (which is $ 299 from Verizon), for that amount. For example, the iPhone 5S is $ 199 with a new two-year contract on all of the major carriers, as are the Motorola Droid Maxx and the Samsung Galaxy S4 (both from Verizon). You can get the amazing LG G2 or the HTC One for $ 99 with a new two-year contract, or you can get the Motorola Moto X starting at just $ 49. Other carriers will have similar pricing.


If you’re looking for an off-contract/unlocked phone for under $ 230, there’s only one choice: The Motorola Moto G. It’s slower than any of the phones above, and it doesn’t feature 4G LTE connectivity, but it’s a solid Android phone for those on a budget.


If you can stretch your budget a bit, definitely consider the Google Nexus 5, which is $ 349 (16GB) or $ 399 (32GB) unlocked and off-contract. It will work on AT&T, T-Mobile, or Sprint, but not Verizon. It’s an amazingly fast phone with a beautiful 5″ full HD display, and it gets its Android updates immediately from Google, instead of waiting for the often-lengthy carrier certification process like other phones have to.


Hope that helps!

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Q&A: I got robbed off of craigslist?

Question by Usman: I got robbed off of craigslist?
I posted a add on craigslist selling an iPhone 5. I put it for $ 570 . 4 hours later i get a text saying ” I’ll pay you $ 600 for your iPhone 5 ” . I figured why are they offering $ 600 when i only put it for $ 570 . I replied asking ” oh ok so do you want me to hold it for you ?” They said yes please . They asked me to text them an address to meet up . So i texted them an address that i always go to when i need to sell something on craigslist . I have been using carigslist for 2 years and this has never happened . I texted them an adress for a local Publix located 6 mins. from my house . They tell me ok . So that same day they call at 5:00 asking if i could meet them at 8:00 pm . i said no thats too late . He said ok ill give you a call tommorow then . Next day he calls at around 12:00 pm asking to meet him now . I tell him ok ill meet him in 5 mins. But he says it will take him 20 mins. because he lived far from that Publix. So i go to the store with my mom and shes shopping . SO i keep telling her to hurry up i have to meet someone . My mom has never stopped me from selling or meeting someone on criagslist . But that day she kept telling me ” Please dont go , i have a bad feeling about this ” but i ignored her. I went anyways . He gives me a call saying ” hey im here ” i tell him im on my way. When i get there i see him standing to this car and waving his hand saying ” hey im here you see me? “. I tell him ” yeah , lets go inside the store just to be safe “. he says ” okay , thats fine ” . So he follows me in and i pull out the phone and show him. He looks at it and says ” ok you have the charger ?” i tell him ” yeah i do , but its a car charger “. He says ” thats fine , let take it to my car to i can make sure it works “. I tell him ” ok , but im coming with you “. He says ” okay thats cool “. So i get the phone from him and keep it in my hand. As we are walking out he tells me ” hey can i just see the settings and if it is unlocked or not “. I tell him ill show you . I go to settings>general>about> and scroll down to carrier. It says 14.0 for carrier which means its unlocked . As we are walking out im showing him the networks and stuff liked he asked . As we are walking a car pulls up from the left and he snatches the phone from my hand , sits in the car and drives off with his buds. As the car is moving i run towards it and open the moving car door but the driver just pulls the door and closes it. I just stand there wanting to kill myself. I call the cops asap and they show up and i give them every bit piece of info i had on them. I called my carrier and they said i might get a new one. But thats not what upsets me. This all hapened in bright day light in front of so many people and no one did anything. I plus ive been scared since that day. I used to go to craigslist all the time but ever since i havent even typed ” craigslist.com” in my URL bar. I just need someone to cheer me up. It all happened in within 2 seconds. That same night i went to cvs to grab something to drink and a lady walks behind me and im just so paranoid i turn around and just look at her. She looks at me wtf is wrong with this kid ?. I told my mom im kinda scared to go outside of the house now. i know i sound like a little punk but i’m just saying what i feel. I talked to a couple of my friends and they said ” your lucky , you didn’t get hurt . 50% of craigslist robberies always end up someone getting hurt. ” they all say i’m lucky and stupid for opening the car door when it was moving. I just feel really stupid this happened to me.

Best answer:
Answer by laughter_every_dayyou want someone to cheer you up? There may be sites for that. if you have a question, this is a good site.

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