Motorola Droid 3 or iPod Touch?

Question by : Motorola Droid 3 or iPod Touch?
I can spend up to $ 550. I have a LG GW525 now, but I’d like to replace it. I live in Argentina, so I might buy the cellphone unlocked and take it here. I like Android, and I like the fact that I can shoot 1080p videos, have a 4″ display, the dual core 1GHz processor, and that I can get it for price. I would buy an iPhone, but it’s too expensive.
About free apps, there is a way of getting free apps without jailbreaking with Android. You just download the .apk to the cellphone.
So, which one should I choose? The 3G Android Cellphone or the iPod Touch?

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Answer by Fest Adda
ipod touch

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  1. i dont have an answer for which one you should get, but if you decide on the iPod touch, wait a couple weeks, they should be coming out with a new one around september 9th-12th. august is the worst time to buy and ipod touch cause if ya just wait a little, you can get the new one

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