Palm Pre or iPhone???

Question by rainbowcutie2008: Palm Pre or iPhone???
I am with Sprint on a family plan with one other person (my mom). I have a palm centro and im tierd of it. my mom wants me to get a palm pre because she likes sprint but i really want the iphone 3g s. to get the iphone i will have to waait a while but i can get tha palm pre in a week. so what im askin is which one shall i get? im sooo confused??

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Answer by Kontemporary
if you like to be able to run a lot of stuff at once the palm pre. if you like texting, the paml pre. if looks are what you want, the iphone. do some research on youtube, phone dog is a good reliable source. he atalks about phones all the time.

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  1. Buy the Palm Pre, you’ll be able to visit 5 and more websites, while listening to your iTunes/MP3/Internet Radio, and texting your friends all at the same time!

    Palm Pre’s multi-touch screen lets you resize websites and photos easily and lets you navigate around your apps with a simple touch on the sceren.

    It’s small enough to fit in your pocket and looks cool. You and your mom will appreciate the built-in talking GPS navigator. It will give you turn by turn directions to where ever you need to go.

    The camera shots are high quality and very sharp. And also include flash so you can get good pictures even in dark surroundings.

    The Palm Pre has a slide-out keyboard so if you’re already fast at typing with your Palm centro, then this is the best choice for you; unless you want to reduce your speed and learn to get used to typing on a flat screen.

    You can receive all your Yahoo, MSN, Google e-mails directly with the Palm Pre. Facebook and Myspace have also built a special app for the Palm Pre so you can access your account much faster and easier.

    Plug your Palm Pre to your laptop or PC and it works as a USB Flash Drive/Memory stick so you can transfer any of your files.

    With Palm Pre’s true multitasking capability, the iPhone’s operating system is now obsolete.

  2. Get the iphone,you’ll enjoy its entertainment features. try to visit the source link below to see more of what the Iphone 3Gs can do, just look for the topic “IPHONE 3gS ADDED FEATURES AND ADDED FEATURES “, you can tell your mom to visit it so she can have a look as well.

  3. iphone comes with a bigger 3.5″ screen which is great to watch videos, pictures, surf internet, it also lets you store tons more of music, etc.
    The palm pre incontrast comes with only a 3.1″ screen, it does not have a FM player and it’s camera does not take Videos.
    So iphone would be more fun & certainly worth the wait, mom should approve ones see experiences it. You can also read detailed reviews from,,
    Hope this helps.

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