Q&A: I got robbed off of craigslist?

Question by Usman: I got robbed off of craigslist?
I posted a add on craigslist selling an iPhone 5. I put it for $ 570 . 4 hours later i get a text saying ” I’ll pay you $ 600 for your iPhone 5 ” . I figured why are they offering $ 600 when i only put it for $ 570 . I replied asking ” oh ok so do you want me to hold it for you ?” They said yes please . They asked me to text them an address to meet up . So i texted them an address that i always go to when i need to sell something on craigslist . I have been using carigslist for 2 years and this has never happened . I texted them an adress for a local Publix located 6 mins. from my house . They tell me ok . So that same day they call at 5:00 asking if i could meet them at 8:00 pm . i said no thats too late . He said ok ill give you a call tommorow then . Next day he calls at around 12:00 pm asking to meet him now . I tell him ok ill meet him in 5 mins. But he says it will take him 20 mins. because he lived far from that Publix. So i go to the store with my mom and shes shopping . SO i keep telling her to hurry up i have to meet someone . My mom has never stopped me from selling or meeting someone on criagslist . But that day she kept telling me ” Please dont go , i have a bad feeling about this ” but i ignored her. I went anyways . He gives me a call saying ” hey im here ” i tell him im on my way. When i get there i see him standing to this car and waving his hand saying ” hey im here you see me? “. I tell him ” yeah , lets go inside the store just to be safe “. he says ” okay , thats fine ” . So he follows me in and i pull out the phone and show him. He looks at it and says ” ok you have the charger ?” i tell him ” yeah i do , but its a car charger “. He says ” thats fine , let take it to my car to i can make sure it works “. I tell him ” ok , but im coming with you “. He says ” okay thats cool “. So i get the phone from him and keep it in my hand. As we are walking out he tells me ” hey can i just see the settings and if it is unlocked or not “. I tell him ill show you . I go to settings>general>about> and scroll down to carrier. It says 14.0 for carrier which means its unlocked . As we are walking out im showing him the networks and stuff liked he asked . As we are walking a car pulls up from the left and he snatches the phone from my hand , sits in the car and drives off with his buds. As the car is moving i run towards it and open the moving car door but the driver just pulls the door and closes it. I just stand there wanting to kill myself. I call the cops asap and they show up and i give them every bit piece of info i had on them. I called my carrier and they said i might get a new one. But thats not what upsets me. This all hapened in bright day light in front of so many people and no one did anything. I plus ive been scared since that day. I used to go to craigslist all the time but ever since i havent even typed ” craigslist.com” in my URL bar. I just need someone to cheer me up. It all happened in within 2 seconds. That same night i went to cvs to grab something to drink and a lady walks behind me and im just so paranoid i turn around and just look at her. She looks at me wtf is wrong with this kid ?. I told my mom im kinda scared to go outside of the house now. i know i sound like a little punk but i’m just saying what i feel. I talked to a couple of my friends and they said ” your lucky , you didn’t get hurt . 50% of craigslist robberies always end up someone getting hurt. ” they all say i’m lucky and stupid for opening the car door when it was moving. I just feel really stupid this happened to me.

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Answer by laughter_every_day
you want someone to cheer you up? There may be sites for that. if you have a question, this is a good site.

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  1. Sorry, this site is now place to cheer someone up. Need cheering up? See a doctor. Next time, you need to listen to your mother.

  2. its a life learning lesson
    learn from mistakes
    you’ll be fine
    it will never happen again to you

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