Q&A: I need help buying a phone?

Question by Saud Bukhari: I need help buying a phone?
so im looking for a tmobile unlocked phone. I would like i if it’s a smartphone. the most i will spend is about 120 bucks. Im not looking for an amazing smartphone like a galaxy or iphone i just want one for my price range. I want it to get the job done i want the camera to be atleast decent. By the way i am looking to order it on Amazon as a new phone. I want to use FB on it and instagram as well. I want the internet to go pretty fast and just work properly. Please just tell me some phones that fit my qualifications and it is very much appreciated. Thanks a lot!!!

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Answer by Just a Slowpoke
You’re going to have to pay more to get a phone like the one you want.

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  1. Hi Saud,

    I recommend the brand new T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 521 4G – for just $ 129.88 off-contract.


    It has Facebook, Twitter, Xbox, Office and Skype built in. There’s Nokia Music for completely free and unlimited music mixes, and HERE Maps. The home screen makes it really easy to organise all your favourite people, apps and information.

    It has a 5MP camera, 8GB of storage with expandable memory and a 4″ screen.

    Whilst it does not have an official Instagram app, free and paid third party Instagram apps are available; like Instance and #2InstaWithMassiveLove.

    Hope this helps!

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