60% of Apple Watch users will buy the next generation model sight unseen


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Very loyal pets apple has grown, kudos to them.


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60% of them want to get better watch, because their apple watch is really bad
40% of them already give up on apple watch


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The definition of isheep…


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That is just what i was going to say 😀


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Because both of youu are mindless carrots


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Like those who upgrade from Galaxy S6 to S7 the moment it’s released or who are desperate for the new Note and would also buy sight unseen?

When people have a device they like they usually want to upgrade to the next version and ALL fanboys are the same like that, it’s just that the anti-Apple crowd are desperate to use an “iSheep” comment every 10 seconds or they burst.


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Just as long as the new model is worth its price. Otherwise, you’ll be wasting money AGAIN on a piece of metal slab.


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You guys are right, why would people buy a newer version of a device they hated?


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They definitely love their Apple Watches. They are also completely convinced that they have the best smartwatch that there is. Now, why someone would think that this miniature mobile phone on a strap, which doesn’t show the time unless you touch it, or force it on your face is the best Smartwatch, is beyond me.
I have been wearing smartwatches for over 4 years and the Apple Watch is exactly the opposite from what I’m expecting from a smartwatch.


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I don’t think people care what you think – all I can see from this is that people have bought the first watch from Apple and like it enough to to have confidence that the next one is not going to disappoint.


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Sure. Because the vast majority of Apple customers are convinced that whatever Apple does is the best, without doing much of a rsearch. And maybe for something like a smartphone which is basically a rectangular device hidden in your pocket, it’s maybe OK (ultimately all high-end smartphones are good enough for most people, be it iPhones or high-end Androids). But for a watch which is part of your attire, being convinced that whatever Apple designs is also a design piece and functionally also the best, it’s clearly just fanboyism. I mean, come on, the Watch cannot even display the time at all times, exactly like my first Sony Smartwatch of 2012 which was rather just an $80 proof of concept than a complete device. Since then no other smartwatch I ever owned had such an on-your-face mistake.


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If Apple implements a Facetime camera on the Watch, then the Android Wear competition will have to follow. Which means that I will never be able to wear a smartwatch again in my life, because cameras are strictly prohibited where I work. Thank you Apple for spoiling the fun for me.
Thankfully after two years I can upgrade my TAG Heuer Connected to its mechanical version and at least keep the design, in case everyone (including TAG) starts putting cameras on watches.


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camera on a watch would be controversial, i’m glad that Apple didn’t implement it.


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You’re right, Apple should change their plans because android will follow and YOU are not allowed to bring a device with camera and end up “spoiling YOUR fun”. Don’t forget to complain on your smartphone manufacturers articles because I’m. Pretty sure there are no smartphones without a camera out there. You guys are digging really deep to blast Apple lately.

Camera on a smart watch is a bit awkward in just about any scenario – even holding it to take a photo, BUT: FaceTime would be awesome on a smart watch.


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You see, I receive a smartphone from my work with cameras covered with stickers. Actually an iPhone. That’s OK. Can you imagine however how dorky a TAG Heuer with a sticker on top would look like?
I’m not complaining about smartphones with cameras. However a camera on a smartwatch is a bigger problem. Also for the obvious “glasshole” effect…


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Sometimes i feel like these articles are deliberately written to initiate a comment war.


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60% of owners who are going to get it without having any information about it is a huge crowd! A bit strange to me considering the device is not announced yet.

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