Alleged Galaxy S10 rear leaks in new render, do you like this eventual design?

Samsung is having trouble keeping its Galaxy S10 Infinity-O design under wraps it seems, as we already had the S10+ rendered from all sides, and now an alleged S10 rear has appeared in a new image render. 

That’s in addition to a doctored photo of the 5G prototype with a corner notch that Samsung had on display at Qualcomm’s expo the other day that you can see below. The photoshopped image depicts a right-hand side hole-in-display concept, just like most leaks are suggesting, and might be a good reference point for the eventual front S10 design.

The photo of the eventual back depicts a dual camera setup, just as rumored, in contrast to the tri-camera S10+ and quad-camera S10 5G. The front-facing shooter should be a single one and look something like what you are seeing in the mockup image below, with a hole in the top right corner.
The S10+, on the other hand, is speculated to have a dual front-facing camera, and that is why its renders depicted a pill-shaped hole in the same corner. 

The elliptical opening is an acquired taste but the single selfie-taker at the potential S10 front would seemingly fit fine and look fairly unobtrusive in the status bar, what do you think?

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