Anthem accidentally got space stations and more in a recent update

Anthem is a third-person shooter which was supposed to compete with established titles like Destiny 2, but due to its lack of content, performance issues, and broken loot system, it failed to gain much traction. In an effort to revive the game, developer BioWare recently released a “Cataclysm” update on all platforms. Unfortunately, it’s not going according to plan.

According to a report by GamesRadar+, “those still playing… have begun to notice a number of surprise developments across Anthem’s open world.” The post goes on to say “space stations and black tentacles have been appearing in the sky, though some aren’t sure whether this is a sign of an incoming content drop or just another crazy BioWare bug to be dealing with in a game that’s already gained notoriety for its lack of polish.”

BioWare’s Global Community Lead for Anthem Andrew Johnson said that a lot of these features rolled out accidentally. They’ve been removed since then, but will make a return in the coming months. It’ll be interesting to see how the space stations factor into the game. Will we be allowed to travel to them? Will we be able to visit new planets? Only time will tell. It’s a shame that these surprises weren’t part of the actual update. The studio needs to be more transparent in the future because Anthem’s player base is dwindling by the day.

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This is like third-person Destiny

Anthem is a shared-world third-person shooter from BioWare. BioWare is the studio behind famous franchises like Dragon Age and Mass Effect.

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