‘Arena of Valor’ Is Switching From a Daily Gold Cap to a Weekly Gold Cap

One of the weird things about the freemium side of Arena of Valor [Free] is that (currently) there’s a daily gold cap. In our region of North America, without any gold doubling hijinks, the most gold you can earn in any given day is 750. Gold allows you to do important things like buy Arcana and can be used as a substitute for buying heroes with real money (which I don’t really recommend until you’ve got a full set of level III arcana). The problem with this setup is that it’s a significant time investment every day to maximize your daily gold earning potential. If you miss out on playing one day, you missed out on that gold cap.

Along side the next update, which also includes iPhone X support, the daily cap is getting shifted to a weekly cap. In the update, instead of being capped at 750g per day, you’re capped at 5,250g per week. It’s a fantastic change, as usually I’ve got time to hammer out tons of games on a Saturday, but maybe not every day of the week.

If you’re not sure what the fuss is all about with Arena of Valor, take a look at our review. From there, if you want to get involved but don’t really know a ton about MOBAs, head over to our guide. When I have time I’ve been writing all sorts of stuff to teach new players how the game works. It’s still in process, but it’ll get you a long way to being a better player.

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