Best OnePlus 6 cases to protect your new phone

The OnePlus 6 release date has arrived. You know what that means, right? It’s time to buy a case.

You might not be considering a case to pop onto your OnePlus 6 yet, but there are plenty of reasons why you should be – primarily, it’s all about protecting your investment.

OnePlus 6 has released in the US and Europe, and we’ve wasted no time looking at candidates fit for our upcoming list of the best cases. Interestingly, there aren’t a whole lot to choose from at the moment.

Usually, case makers are prepared well in advance for a phone’s launch, but several high-profile manufacturers are sitting this one out – despite the OnePlus 6’s tremendous popularity.

We asked MNML, which makes thin, aesthetically pleasing cases that really flatter a new phone, if it was planning to make OnePlus 6 cases. A company representative stated that “OnePlus changes models too often, so we end up stuck with a lot of unsold inventory.”

Incipio told TechRadar that it does “not have plans to support the [OnePlus 6] at this time…” and Speck told us pretty much the same thing.

Spigen confirmed that it is making cases for the phone, but they aren’t ready yet.

In short, you’ll find a few options below, including OnePlus’ official cases below, which are great starters. We plan to build out the offering as soon as we discover more options from other manufacturers

Editor’s note: We’ve ordered these from cheapest to most expensive.

Tudia Arch S case

Likely to maintain its title as the most affordable OnePlus 6 case around, Tudia’s Arch S is no slouch in terms of build quality or looks.

This model in particular is extra grippy and fits right around the curves of the phone to avoid any extra bulk that we commonly see with cases. You’ll find access to ports and buttons unfettered by this case.

Available in a few different colors, this one won’t cost you more than $10, that’s with shipping included.

Ringke Fusion case

It’s about time that some cheaper OnePlus 6 cases hit the market, and it looks like Ringke heard the call with its Fusion case. This one comes in clear and black color options and provides a minimal, but comprehensive coverage around the latest OnePlus phone.

Despite its minimalist design, it actually adds a bit of buffer space between the corners to protect it better against drops. The case also comes with a wrist strap in case you want to keep it strapped to your wrist but out of your hand.

Anccer Slim Fit case

The OnePlus 6 is a dead-serious smartphone that’s packed with impressive specs for an appealing price, but Anccer says “lighten up a bit, will ya?” with a nice selection of color options for its Slim Fit case.

From predictable favorites like black and silver, there’s also red, rose gold, blue and green to select between, among a few others. This one certainly isn’t as protective as a ruggedized option, but if you’re looking for a bit more pizzazz for your OnePlus 6, this is a good place to look.

OnePlus Flip Cover case

Looking for a classy add-on for your new OnePlus 6, the flip cover is the way to go. If you take a call, a little cut-out near the top allows you to hear the ear speaker easily while the case is closed.

Flipped open, there’s a card slot where you can easily fit a few cards and a little cash. This doesn’t look like the most protective option around, but if you’re looking for a case that holds form and function in equal regard for $19.95 (£17.95).

OnePlus Bumper case

The most rugged option available through OnePlus, the Bumper case protects your OnePlus 6 from every angle and is available in a few different colors and build materials.

Most stylish is the nylon, which gives your phone the soft feel of fabric. Ebony wood and Karbon will both appeal to certain crowds.

This one goes for $24.95 (£23.95) and looks to be a worthy investment for your new phone.

OnePlus Silicone Protective case

Available only in red, the soft silicone case is the perfect option for those who want to protect their phones with something simple in look and feel.

Built to take a beating, silicone keeps your phone in one place on a surface and will likely age well, even if you get it dirty.

This rather basic case offers easy access to all buttons and ports, and will cost you $19.95 (£17.95).

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