Best unlocked phone in the US

The best unlocked phones in the US just keep getting better. As mobile carriers have moved away from contracts and exclusive handsets, smartphone manufacturers are offering their very best products without locking them to a single carrier. 

So, whether you want to use your phone on AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, or Sprint, you’ll be able to pick a premium handset from Apple, Samsung, LG, Google, or just about any other company. If you travel abroad a lot, you’ll be able to benefit from these unlocked smartphones even more, as you’ll often be able to pop in a local SIM card in other countries and save on service and data.

The best no-contract phones do come with some drawbacks, though. First, they’re usually more expensive since you can’t sign up for a two-year contract to subsidize the cost. You’re no longer paying for the phone over time, so that initial cost is going to be huge.

High up-front costs can be worth it, though. Freely switching between carriers means you can always get the right mobile plan at the right price for you. Want unlimited data one month but won’t need it the next month? With an unlocked phone, you can switch as needed without worrying about breaking some agreement you have with an American carrier.

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1. Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The best if you enjoy big phones

Release date: August 2018 | Weight: 205g | Dimensions: 162 x 76.4 x 9mm | OS: Android Oreo | Screen size: 6.4-inch | Resolution: 2960×1440 | CPU: Exynos 9810 | RAM: 6/8GB | Storage: 128/512GB (up to 1TB with card) | Battery: 4,000mAh | Rear camera: 12MP + 12MP | Front camera: 8MP

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