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The Dragalia Lost Void Battle event isn’t a facility or single raid battle, but a proper introduction to the Void Battle system added in February 2019. More boss battles have been added, and they’re available in far longer time windows. But knowing which Void Battle to take on first is a difficult thing to gather from the game itself. To help, we’ve put together this Void Battle guide to detail the steps you’ll want to take to maximize your chances against these progessively more difficult encounters.

Dragalia Lost void battle schedule

Just like many other in-game events, certain Void Battle encounters are only available on select days of the week. This is increased for the duration of the March event, but will become far less frequent once it ends.

Refer to the chart up above to know which Void Battles are available each day during and after the March event.

Dragalia Lost void weapon order guide
Credit to Reddit’s /u/peterjay12 for the handy chart

Before we jump into the guides, let’s take a look at how each Void Battle boss sets you up for the next. There’s no easy to figure this out without switching between endless tabs in-game, but plenty of Reddit users like Peterjay12 have consolidated the information into handy infographics like the one shown above. You might want to open it in another tab.

Simply put, fighting the Wandering Shroom is the general starting point. It can drop materials and completed 3* weapons that can be built into perfect counters for the Frost Hermit, Steel Golem, and Void Zephyr battles. Which route(s) you take will depend on your planned team composition. You won’t absolutely need these to clear some of the fights, but they’ll certainly help bridge the gap if you’re on the lower Might scale.

The main thing to take away here that while each Void battle neatly leads into the next, the overall goal here is to farm these fights to craft weapons that can help you challenge the game’s toughest fight – High Midgardsormr.

Wandering Shroom

Wandering Shroom void battle guide

At a mere 7000 suggested Might, Shroom Strike is by far the easiest Void Battle of the lot; and because its drops can be turned into weapons with very obvious counters to the other Void Battle bosses, it’s absolutely where most will want to focus their early Void Battle efforts.

The Wandering Shroom starts with a series of close-range AOEs before moving into a triple Dash combo targetted at random allies. You’ll want to be quick about dodging the dash strikes. If you’re aiming a force strike yourself, it’s best to wait until the end of a single dash to nail the placement.

The main gimmick to this fight is how the Wandering Shroom will “Disperse” shortly after going into Overdrive, cutting its health to summon 4-5 Dark-attuned shrooms and shrink down to match their slightly smaller size. These shrooms have basically the same moveset, so you’ll want to dispatch them before things get a little too hectic. Ranged attackers will generally have more uptime in this fight.

Once the main shroom falls into Break state, you’ll begin going for round two. Things are more or less the same here. The main shroom will cut its HP again in the second Overdrive state to split into even more small mushroom adds. Kite them to the boss and use AOE abilities to knock them down. Once they’re gone, you’re left with a tiny main shroom with far smaller abilities for you to take advantage of. Just keep up the damage and get it down.

Frost Hermit

Frost Hermit void battle guide

A newer fight to master, this one can, again, be dealt with through pure DPS. But there are a few things you’ll want to look out for. With a modest 10,000 Might suggested, taking a few Wind-attuned fighters will still be a worthwhile investment over most other brute-strength attackers you may have invested in over the last two events.

Similar to the Wandering Shroom, Frost Hermit will periodically split into additional clones. The problem here, though, is that they’re essentially full HP variants, so knocking them out one by one isn’t really a viable option – unless you craft a set of Copy Punisher weapons from the Wandering Shroom. These will make light work of the clones, and transforming into a dragon for the clean-up will make things even easier.

If you’d rather completely ignore the additional enemies, you’ll want to keep locked onto the original target and aim to punish it hard during the first Break stage. The longer this fight goes on, the harder it’ll get as more and more hermit clones appear to fill the screen with Freeze area and line AOEs.

Poison, Stun, Blind, and Sleep are all effective ailments to bring along, so rummage through your Adventurers to find someone suitable. Resistance to Bog and Freeze are also massively beneficial, as getting caught by one will make getting combo-ed far easier.

Blazing Ghost

Blazing Ghost void battle guide

Despite being at the far end of the suggest Void Weapon cycle, Blazing Ghost sits in a similar position at the Wandering Shroom by weighing in at only 9000 suggested Might.

But as I came to realize a little too late, there’s more than meets the eye with this ghoul. It has tricks up its sleeve, and its Ranged Resistance rendered my only decently built adventurer, Lily, completely unusable. Strength Down brought on by its attacks won’t help your case, but they’re not too difficult to avoid as they all follow fairly strict patterns.

The only one to really watch for is Haunting Flames. It’s just like Incandescent Towers, only it starts from the outside and doesn’t telegraph the second and third strikes.

Your answer here really is to just rely on melee characters, as even the game’s many Staff-based healers won’t be able to charge their skills too efficiently here. Lances will allow you to carry on the offensive during the lengthy Cremation cast that can stop true melee classes dead in their tracks and will double up during Overdrive.

Paralysis and Freeze ailments will make life easier. Just aim to break as usual, and you’ll make a hot mess of this boss without too much trouble.

Steel Golem

Steel Golem void battle guide

One of two Golems available in Void Battles right now, the Fire-attuned Thaumian is a juggernaut when it comes to HP, and whittling it down while afflicted with Dull is bound to be a huge waste of time.

So what can you do against this hunk of mettle? Resist his Dull and heal through any Burn he manages to throw at you. Staving off Dull isn’t something you’ll find on wyrmprints or mana circles, so crafting a Resist Dull weapon is your only real option here – which you can do with the cloth dropped from the Frost Hermit up detailed above.

If you don’t have time to craft a whole set of weapons, taking a bunch of ranged characters and taking advantage of Steel Golem’s susceptibility to Bog could help minimize team afflictions. It’s entirely possible to dodge all of its Dull-applying strikes, but going in properly prepared will make for more consist repeat encounters.

Other than that, this is a pretty straight-forward DPS race. Wailing on the boss without Dull will yield results, but trying to power through it with 8-9 damage per hit under Dull won’t get you far at all. Either go in with the right equipment and lay into it, or start relying on a sword-user’s rapid skill build-ups.

Obsidian Golem

More or less a carbon copy of the Steel Golem, the Obsidian Golem just switches ailment resistances around and offers little else. Rather than freezing or applying bog to keep it in check, stun and paralysis will help make this fight much more bearable.

As ever, you’ll want to watch the golem’s body language to anticipate its attacks. The only purple AOEs here are the massive meteors occasionally called down, but there’s usually enough telegraphed time here to roll to a nearby safe spot. Anything else can be quickly dodged with skill iframes.

Just like the Steel Golem before it, Dull is the make or break gimmick. Learning to iframe dodge or roll from the golem’s attacks will can fully negate this quirk, but the weapons will help a bunch. If you’re good at dodging, maybe just get some for your AI characters to help offset moments when you’re caught without a skill.

Void Zephyr

Void Zephyr void battle guide

A 12,000 suggest Might monster, the Void Zephyr is known to inflict a number of debilitating ailments like Dull, Sleep, and even Dragon Delay. Being Wind-attributed, bringing a competent Fire team should be high on your agenda, but specific void weapons might not always be necessary if you’re able to avoid its Dull-inflicted attacks and burst it down.

Like the golems mentioned up above, gathering these Dull-resist weapons either from Wandering Shroom or Steel Golem will open up the fight to more strategies, but players without decent Fire adventurers won’t be afforded this luxury.

Going directly from the Shroom weapon route will allow bow, dagger, lance, and wand users to avoid Dragon Delay, whereas coming from the Steel Golem will allow sword, dagger, blade, and staff users to resist Dull and gain a little extra defense. Working out how best to equip your teams will be key here.

Attack-wise, Void Zephyr will summon tornados targetted at ranged attacks, and follow up its melee talon kicks with forward-firing gusts of wind that you’ll want to avoid. There isn’t too much to deal with here, but getting caught on the wrong end of a gale can quickly knock you out of the fight.

Raging Manticore

Raging Manticore void battle guide

A bit more reminiscent of an MMO raid battle, the Raging Manticore strike is far more mechanically challenging than the Wandering Shroom. Might Light teams used in the February event can manage this with timely iframe dodges, but there are specific Void weapons that will help other compositions.

The gimmick here is that the Raging Manticore enters Fury the moment you knock it into Overdrive, granting it a few extra moves and removing the red/purple telegraphs for each. He becomes better, faster, and stronger, and can never be put into Break state without the right Void weapon. Interrupts like Stun, Paralysis, and Sleep can occasionally interrupt its powerful abilities.

The meteors you’ll experience at the start of the fight will be the bane of ranged AI going forward, so be prepared for pain. Outside of the usual bites, tail whips, and dashes, Manticore will regularly jump up in the air and divebomb its original spot for some hefty melee AOE damage. One roll is usually enough to get you out of range, but using skills for iframe dodges is a good option.

Once knocked into Overdrive state, Manticore will start to weave all of these abilities together and introduce a very powerful front and back conal earthquake. The sides are safe during this move, but you’ll want to roll to reliably avoid the funnel effect caused by its placement.

Both Earthquake and Meteors will usually take place after a roar and “!!” visible above the manticore’s head. If this is quickly followed up with a slight screen shake and a dark twister around the Manticore, it’s Earthquake. Otherwise, expect meteors around the outside of the boss. Just like the divebomb, using skill iframes is another reliable way to avoid this hit.

Just attack to build up your skills and watch for the visual tells to know when to execute skills for iframes.


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