Google Chrome for Android gets its home button back

According to XDA, Google Chrome for Android is getting its home button back on the address bar. Most browsers, desktop and mobile, feature the button, which takes the user straight to a webpage selected by him/her as the home page. While Google Chrome for the desktop continued to sport the icon, Google removed it from Chrome for Android in an earlier build. Now, the home button appears to have returned.

While earlier reports indicated that the home button was showing up in the latest beta version of Chrome for Android, it turns out that on our stable version of the app, the home button is there (see accompanying image). If you haven’t set up a webpage to be your home page, tapping on the home icon will take you to the Google Search page by default.

To set up your own home page, click on the overflow menu at the top right of Chrome and click on settings. Tap on Home page and type in the URL of the website you want the home button to quickly take you to. Make sure you leave the toggle switch in the “enabled” position. Check out the slideshow to see how it’s done.

source: XDA

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