Google Clips can now detect hugs, kisses and your sweet dance moves

Google Clips, the company’s pocket-sized camera that’s driven by AI and machine learning, has a new update coming out. This one, launching just before Mother’s Day, grants Clips the ability to automatically recognize and record kisses, hugs, and most importantly, your sweet dance moves.

At launch, Clips could recognize pets, faces, and more specifically, smiles, and start capturing. Now, it’s broadening its reach to detect the more tender moments quicker than you can reach for your phone. 

Another addition to its arsenal is family pairing. It’s a much-requested feature, according to Google, that allows another family member to gain access to Clips through the app. Previously, this product was limited to one phone, partially for security reasons, but this addition is a good move.

Building off of the previous update, which added high-resolution photo snapping mapped to its shutter button, Google Clips is better than it was at launch. Though still not for everyone, and still not available to anyone outside of the US, it’s currently offered on the Google Store for $50 off, making it $199 in celebration of Mother’s Day.

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