How to: Switch Off Binge On Via T-Mobile App or Website


As T-Mobile continues to get criticism for its Binge On service, more and more issues have stemmed from it– net neutrality concerns, video throttling accusation by YouTube, and the more recent EFF report that proves YouTube’s claim. Despite these, T-Mobile still says it is not throttling content but rather “optimizing” them.

Binge On is good and all, especially for those who want to use their device to stream videos from the 24 services included in the program. But not everyone wants to limit their streaming to just these services. And more importantly, not everyone wants to use Binge On. And when it launched in November, T-Mo automatically enabled Binge On for all their customers. Again, these things could have been easily avoided IF ONLY T-Mo decided to make Binge On an opt-in service rather than opt-out.

So finally, here we are just a few months later and a number of people are unhappy with Binge On. If you want to disable the service on your device, you can easily do it on your own. But if you’d like a step by step guide, here’s a how-to guide that you can use:

Via My T-Mobile App (Android or iOS)

Step 1: Open My T-Mobile app
Step 2: Click on Account Info
Step 3: Choose Plans & Services
Step 4: Scroll to the bottom and select the button that says Add/Change Services
Step 5: Scroll to the Other section, expand the + button by tapping on it
Step 6: Tap on Enable Binge On

Yes, it’s confusing but when you tap on this, the feature will be switched off.


Via Your Computer

Step 1: Log into My T-Mobile
Step 2: On the upper right side of your screen, click on Profile
Step 3: Click on the Media Settings button on the left side.
Step 4: This will lead you to a Binge On entry. Click on the button beside it so you can switch off the feature.

Those are the two different ways you can deactivate Binge On from your device, especially if you don’t want your videos “optimized.” We’re looking forward to see how the “Un-carrier” will respond to all the criticism its Binge On service is facing, though there hasn’t been any update yet. We’ll make sure to update our site once a new response has been given by T-Mo.

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