Huge World of Warcraft ‘Rise of Azshara’ update drops June 25, features detailed

The World of Warcraft “Battle for Azeroth” expansion wasn’t as well-received as Blizzard Entertainment had hoped. In an effort to make the content better, the team is going to launch a massive content update called “Rise of Azshara” on June 25.

You can read about some of the main features below. The new zones and dungeon have to be the highlight of the update.

  • Revamp to the Heart of Azeroth necklace system, giving players more control over its progression and gameplay style.
  • Two huge new zones to explore, including a “megadungeon” in Mechagon and a new Raid tier in Azshara’s Underwater Palace.
  • New unique armor quests for Tauren and Gnomes.
  • New mounts, pets, and more.

Hopefully, Rise of Azshara will live up to expectations. The expansion needs more work, but this seems like a great start. What do you think about the latest expansion? Let us know.

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