New iPhone launch event live blog: all the latest from the Apple event

Welcome to TechRadar’s latest iPhone launch live blog.

It’s new iPhone day, and we’re in California ready for the Apple launch event where we’re expecting to see three new phones, a watch and maybe even a new tablet at the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple HQ. 

The event kicks off at 10am PT, 1pm ET, 6pm BST, and we’ll keep you updated will all the latest gossip, announcements and insight right here, with our iPhone launch live blog. 

New iPhone launch live blog

All times in Pacific Daylight Time (PT)

08.40 – Happy Birthday to me.

08.30 – Our man on the ground in Cupertino is Gareth, and he’s preparing to shower you in Apple event live blog goodness today.

07.50 – Tim Cook has arrived at the Steve Jobs Theater ahead of today’s Apple launch event. Wonder what he used to take the photo? iPhone XS Max, perhaps?

07.00 – Three hours to go until Cook and Co. take to the stage, but the leaks are refusing to stop. Further to the revelation of the iPhone XR name (alongside iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max), it appears the Apple website code slip has also revealed the sizes for the rumored Apple Watch 4.

You can read the full story here.

06.48 – Sunrise in Cupertino, California. We’re pretty sure this is how it’s going down at Tim Cook’s place…

As the giant star peeks its head over the horizon, its rays dance their way through a gap in Cook’s bedroom curtains.

They run along the floor, up a nightstand and reflect off the top of a HomePod, bouncing into Cook’s face. The Apple CEO scrunches his eyes, reaches for his glasses and delicately places them on his head. He squints his eyes open, letting them adjust to the light. 

He mutters, “Hey Siri, what’s the time?”.

“Good morning, Tim” Siri replies, “the time is 6.49 am.”

“Hey Siri, what’s on my agenda today?” Cook asks.

“You have one appointment in your calendar,” Siri says. “Apple Special Event at 10 am.”

Cook smiles. The big day has finally arrived.

05.15 – We’re spoken about the new iPhones, we’ve covered the Watch 4 and we’ve got your hopes up about a new iPad Pro – so is there anything else that might sneak out? It’s unlikely, but we’ll be keep an eye out for the following.

  • AirPods 2: The original AirPods were controversial when they launched, but they have since been widely accepted – time for round 2?
  • HomePod 2: A reboot or mini version of Apple’s HomePod isn’t out of the question, but there haven’t been any rumors recently
  • New Apple TV: Apple gave us the Apple TV 4K at last year’s iPhone event, but it may be too soon for an update
  • AirPower charging pad: launched at last year’s iPhone event, Apple’s magical charging mat is yet to see the light of day

04.10 – The Apple Store is now down. If you were looking to buy anything from Apple’s website you’re now going to have to wait until after the launch when we’ll see all the new products displayed across the site. 

03.45 – HOLD THE PHONE. Forget everything we said about the iPhone XC. It appears the “affordable” iPhone will actually be called the iPhone XR. That’s according to lines of code spotted on Apple’s own website.

You can read the full story here.

02.45 – Hoping for even more from Apple today? Well, if you keep your fingers crossed really tight, we may just see a new tablet or two – although this is less likely than the phones and watch. 

  • iPad Pro 3: potentially a pair of new premium slates from Apple pushing its ‘tablet is a PC’ message even further

02.30 – It’s not just iPhone we’re expecting to see launched today though. There’s also a new wearable on the cards. 

  • Apple Watch 4: the next generation of Watch is said to sport a bigger screen 
  • watchOS 5: a new watch and new software go hand in hand, so if Watch 4 arrives look out for this too

02.00 – So what exactly are we expecting to see at the 2018 Apple Launch? Well, let’s start with iPhone.

  • iPhone XS: the incremental successor to the iPhone X 
  • iPhone XS Max: a supersized, 6.5-inch behemoth 
  • iPhone XR: a more affordable iPhone with a 6.1-inch display 
  • iOS 12: already available in beta, we expect the final version to be announced today

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