Nubia Z17: a look at a stellar phone you probably can’t buy

Making your way around the phone, it’s coated in smooth aluminum and has a premium-feeling heft to it. In an industry filled with divisive design, the Nubia Z17 is a straight-shooter. As such, there’s not a whole lot going on, which actually works to satisfy me as a minimalist.

Looking at it head-on, it has bezels surrounding its screen’s top and bottom. But as the Google Pixel 2 showed us, bezels can still be rocked if done correctly (which the Z17 does). Near the bottom of the display, the Z17 features a colored home button that illuminates when pressed. As expected, it’s flanked by the usual capacitive buttons to its left and right.

Interestingly, the Nubia Z17 has ditched the 3.5mm headphone jack, which leaves just the USB-C charging port to pump out the audio, that is, if you’re not ready to cut the cord completely for Bluetooth audio.

Flipped over on its back, Nubia’s branding is nicely subtle, sitting right next to an ideally-located fingerprint sensor. Sitting close to the phone’s top is its dual-lens camera unit. These lenses sit in an enclosure that’s slightly raised from the phone.

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