Polytron Just Released ‘FEZ Pocket Edition’ on the App Store for $4.99

Polytron Just Released ‘FEZ Pocket Edition’ on the App Store for $4.99 | TouchArcade

We’ve been teased with FEZ for iOS beginning in 2012 when it was announced that 2013 would see Polytron’s FEZ hit more platforms. After that things were mostly silent until mid 2013 when ports were reconfirmed. The situation after that became dire and we didn’t hear anything about a mobile version of FEZ until earlier this year thanks to another teaser. Fast forward to today and FEZ Pocket Edition [$4.99] just hit the App Store as a universal game. FEZ is all about switching perspectives to solve puzzles while listening to Disasterpeace’s amazing soundtrack. Watch the trailer below:

FEZ Pocket Edition brings Polytron’s fantastic puzzle experience to iOS. I actually borrowed a friend’s Xbox 360 when this was launching just to play it and having played it on literally every platform it released on since then, I’m more than excited to replay FEZ on iPad. The iOS port will support iOS 8.0 and later which implies it was in development for a while. On the hardware side of things you can play it on iPhone 5s and later along with iPad Air and later. This version will cost $4.99 and have no in app purchases.

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