Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro now comes with free U Flex headphones ($80 value) in tow

When Samsung’s Gear Fit 2 Pro went on pre-order in the United States back in September, customers who would get one would also receive the U Flex headphones for free. Once the wearable hit the shelves, the deal disappeared and customers who would purchase Gear Fit 2 Pro wouldn’t the pair of earphones for free.

However, since Samsung kicked off its “12 Days of Joy” promotional offer, every day there’s a new crazy deal that customers can take advantage of. Today’s deal brings back the pre-order offer that Samsung had available back in September, which means if you purchase the Gear Fit 2 Pro, you will also receive the U Flex earphones for free.

Samsung sells the Gear Fit 2 Pro for $199.99, whereas the U Flex headphones that come for free are worth $80. Once again, keep in mind that the deal is available today only, so if you missed it, you can only hope that Samsung will bring it back closer to Christmas.

If you’re not yet sure whether or not Samsung’s fitness tracker is worth $200, you can go ahead and check out our Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro review and decide afterward.

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