Samsung’s first foldable phone to be detailed today, here’s how to watch the event live

Samsung Developer conference keynote starts at 10 AM Pacific Time | 1 PM Eastern | 6 PM British Standard Time | 7 PM Central European Time

There is nobody that is more into foldable phones than Samsung, and it will be picking the fruits of its multi-year efforts as soon as tomorrow, reports Reuters. At its Developer Conference keynote, a live stream of which you can watch above, Samsung is expected to be the true foldable phone pioneer, presenting a finished product that doesn’t look like a development board like the recently announced Royole FlexPai out of China whose whole point was to shout “first!”

Why would Samsung showcase something that is still a few months ahead of its release? As one unnamed Samsung official tips:

By giving an early preview to developers, Samsung will be able to spearhead developmentĀ for an interface it has been polishing off with Google and will be unlike anything else we’ve seen at the moment.

That, and getting a head start in marketing before the competition outs their own flexible phone efforts. There are plenty of other companies that want to gauge how Samsung will fare on the non-existent bendy phone market and are waiting in the wings with their own patents, too. Huawei, LG, and Xiaomi are the ones most often cited as having plans to release foldable phone designs of their own, but one other, more formidable competitor, is also heavily entertaining the idea.

Unfortunately, the report is saying that Samsung could only present “images” for developers and the general public for the first time, rather than actual device prototypes, so there is still some mystery that is going to be left after today’s unveiling.

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