Should you upgrade to the new Dell XPS 13 9380?

Best answer: You should consider upgrading only if you already own an aging XPS 13 or another laptop that doesn’t have what the latest Dell XPS 13 offers.

Dell: Dell XPS 13 (9380) ($882)

An incremental update at the core

The latest Dell XPS 13 isn’t a revolutionary update. It’s a slight refresh that adds the latest Intel processors, an Intel Core i3 option, and moves the webcam slightly so you no longer record what’s stuck up your nostrils. Should you already own the Dell XPS 13 — and I’m talking 9370 here — you shouldn’t really consider the upgrade unless you use the webcam often and find the placement irritating (and granted, that our biggest complaint about the laptop).

Still, you may want the best and most recent versions of gadgets and this latest revision may make the XPS 13 the perfect laptop for you. If so, go for it. You won’t be disappointed.

Only upgrade if it’s worth it to you

Those of you with a different laptop that’s just about had it or with a much older product from the Dell XPS line should absolutely consider the new Dell XPS 13, especially with the new Core i3 processor configuration. Dell didn’t have support for Intel’s entry-level core processor family, but now you’re able to save some more money and go with a basic dual-core CPU, instead of simply choosing between Core i5 or Core i7.

This cut in price might make the upgrade worth it, since you can get this latest XPS 13 model for less than $1,000.

Other changes include a new color choice and new Whiskey Lake processors. Also, thanks to the new webcam placement, the 9380 now lacks Windows Hello IR support for facial recognition.

The XPS 13 is an incredible laptop — one of our all-time favorites from Dell. The company has done an incredible job on the design, portability, and functionality, cramming everything into such a thin and lightweight chassis. We had a few slight problems with the 9370, including that awkwardly-placed webcam and the lack of an Core i3 configuration, and the 9380 fixes them. It only makes that great previous laptop even better.

Even better

Dell XPS 13 (9380)

Dell’s exceptional protable PC jsut got even better

Dell refreshed the XPS 13 with new Intel processors, added the option to choose a Core i3 CPU, and moved the webcam from the bottom of the display to the top. It’s not a massive update and as such, you should only really upgrade if it’s worth it for you.

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