T-Mobile Gains 8 Million Plus Subscribers For Two Years In A Row


For a couple of years in a row, T-Mobile has been able to add at least 8 million new customers to its fold. As indicated in an official press release detailing the wireless carrier’s highlights for 2015, T-Mobile managed to add 8.3 million total net customers in the last twelve months. As for the final quarter of 2015, the third biggest mobile service provider in the United States acquired 2.1 million total net customers.

As enthusiastically shared by its outspoken president and chief executive officer John Legere, T-Mobile has now achieved 11 consecutive quarters of more than a million net new customer additions, while at the same time, posting three straight quarters of over 2 million net new customer additions. This is equivalent to gaining 23,000 new subscribers on a daily basis, every day for the last couple of years.

With 2.1 million net new customers added in the final quarter of 2015, T-Mobile’s total subscriber count is now over 63 million customers as of the ending of the year 2015. While this is not enough to overtake AT&T, currently the second largest wireless carrier in America after Verizon Wireless, the 63 million mark should further widen the lead between T-Mobile and Sprint (whose number 3 position was usurped by T-Mobile a few quarters ago).

During the past year, T-Mobile enjoyed continuous growth, most especially in branded postpaid subscribers. As a matter of fact, the wireless carrier was able to gain 1.3 million new branded postpaid customers in the last quarter of 2015, marking the sixth consecutive quarter in which T-Mobile has acquired over 1 million new branded postpaid customers.

As for new branded prepaid customers, T-Mobile was able to collect 469,000 additions during the fourth quarter of 2015. For the full twelve months of 2015, the wireless carrier gained 1.3 million new branded prepaid customers.

As far as customer turnover rate is concerned, T-Mobile also managed to improve on this area for the final quarter of 2015. During the last three months of the past year, the wireless carrier’s churn rate rate for branded postpaid phone customers is 1.46 percent, which is actually down 27 basis points compared to the final quarter of 2014.

 On the LTE front, T-Mobile achieved some new major milestones as well. The company increased its LTE coverage more than twofold in 2015, now reaching 304 million mobile users based in the US. Furthermore, its Extended Range LTE (on low band 700 MegaHertz A Block spectrum) is now activated in more than 300 cities and metropolitan areas, serving 185 million American subscribers. As for its Wideband LTE, the service is now live across the US.

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