The current best dating apps for iPhone and Android (2017 edition)

So you’ve decided that you no longer want to spend the nights alone and you are back in the dating game.

Good! We have some dating apps for iPhone and Android to help you find that special someone.

Different apps will help you fulfill different dating goals

So get them phones ready, take a deep breath and let’s start shining up that profile picture and bio. It’s time to get to work.

Also, here are a few tips and tricks on…

How to actually succeed at online dating:

1. The profile picture is everything. It really is. A bad profile picture will significantly lower your chances of getting a match online. Ground rules: upload a recent picture and nope, that vacation three years ago does not count. Don’t have a recent picture? Go out on a trip, take a few pictures and freshen up your albums. The picture should show what you look like clearly: face and body, be open about who you are, wear that smile showing the world how much you love life. Bonus points: if your photo shows you doing what you like, you will give that extra information and attract people of same occupation and hobbies easier!
2. Write concisely what your hobbies are. You find who you love by doing what you love, the saying goes. So fine-tune that bio: it needs to state precisely who you are, what you like doing and exactly what kind of person you are looking for.
3. Invite members of the other sex to actively reach out. Just put a friendly reminder that you love when others initiate the conversation. Online dating can be overwhelming with hundreds of matches for both parties, so make it easier for both of you and facilitate that first ‘Hello!’
4. Remember: it’s a numbers game. Yes, it is. Many people online will not notice you, or will ignore you for the wrong reasons. Don’t get too worked up.
5. Don’t waste too much time on one person you have not even met yet. So you’ve exchanged a few messages with someone and you are already in love with their profile picture. Cool, but don’t get obsessed by a person you have not even seen. People love with their feet, so if there is that special connection, it should materialize in an actual date. If not, that other person is just not that into you. That’s all.
6. Don’t overpursue. Having good manners is one thing, writing ten times a day to a person you have barely started dating is a signal that you are needy and insecure. Don’t do it.
7. Wait for the other person’s reply! Men, especially, but also some women: wait for them to reply back! It’s not a monolog.
8. Consider investing in premium service, but only after using the free app for a while. If you have been using that app for a while and want to maximize your matches, paying that monthly fee is not a bad idea. But: make sure to first get some experience with the app, get the hang of it and don’t rush to buy premium on day one.
9. Remember, it’s all a game: stay positive, do not judge. After all, dating is a process that you should enjoy with a smile and a positive attitude.
10. Keep on trying!

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